Office 365 Services

We have an established team, skilled in all areas related to public, private and hybrid cloud. Our proven approach and experienced team reduces development time and project risks. We have an extensive experience in helping organisations understand, choose and move to cloud solutions with minimum user impact and business interruption.

Office 365 Readiness and Solution Alignment Workshop

The Solution Alignment Workshop gives you an opportunity to collaborate with us and align your requirements with your respective cloud solution, discover and assess deployment options, analyse known or discovered gaps and agree on a solution that fits. 

√ Cloud Adoption Programme and Project Management

We offer a full range of Cloud adoption programme and project management services which we tailor to the needs of an individual client. 

√ Planning and Preparation 

We can help you plan your move to the cloud by understanding your existing on-premises infrastructure, building risk and issue tracking system, develop migration, change management and communication strategies, and plan and develop tailored training and support.

√ Deployment and Migration

We can help you procure Office 365 and profile your users, run a pilot deployment and proof of concept, deploy user identity and migrate email data. Our proven approach and experienced team reduces deployment and migration time, and project risks. 

√ Integration and Customisation

We can assist in integrating your line-of-business applications with Office 365 service offerings. We can also brand your Single Sign-on pages and build strong and two factor authentication. We also have skills to build applications that you may require to compliment Office 365, or any other Microsoft cloud platform that you might be using. 

√ Support and Managed Services

We provide customer support services for Office 365 backend and frontend deployments, integrations and customisations, which address on-going maintenance, technical support and application development for on-premise, hosted, cloud or hybrid environments. Our dedicated team can provide 24/7 cover with a range of commercial models that best suit our customer’s needs. 

√ End-user and Admin Training and Workshops

Across the breadth of our portfolio we are able to offer a wide range of in-depth courses developed by our own subject-matter experts. Our range of courses are continually updated to reflect the latest industry development.

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