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4 ways Microsoft partners can work with Microsoft more effectively

A few days ago, someone asked me “how, as a Microsoft partner, can we effectively work with Microsoft?”. I was asked to explain three ways of doing so, and when people ask for three of anything, for some reason on the spot, I can think of two main ones and then have to make up a third one, or on a better day I can think of ten, and try to prioritise them in my mind and come up with three! On this occasion it was the case that two came to my mind and I made up a third one and tried to make it more appealing (which worked by the way!). But after the call it kept me thinking for a day or so, and then I did think of ten different things that in my experience I did well when engaging with Microsoft as a partner and I have picked the top four for this post.

Of course, all these points are my personal views and are based on my personal experience working closely in the past 12 years with Microsoft. I have worked with Microsoft as a P-Seller, as an MVP, as a partner within the capacity of He…