Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Migrate Outlook auto-complete cache file to Office 365 OWA

1. On user’s desktop, download NK2Edit tool from the link below:
2. Extract the ZIP file.
3. Navigate to the folder that the NK2Edit tool is extracted to and double click on “NK2Edit” executable file. 

4. If an “Open File – Security Warning” pop-up windows appears, click Run. 
5. Navigate to the location of auto-complete cache file on user’s desktop. This is the cache file associated with the user’s old Outlook profile. 

6. Create a folder on user’s desktop, call it “<username> Auto-complete Backup” and copy user’s auto-complete cache file to this folder.
7. In NK2Edit tool, under File menu click on Open .NK2 File 
8. Navigate to the folder that you have backed up the auto-complete cache file.
9. Change the file type to Outlook 2010 AutoComplete .dat file (Stream_Autocomplete* .dat)
10. Select the auto-complete cache file and click Open 
11. Select all items in the cache file once opened, then navigate to File > Export Selected Items
12. Change the Save as type to Comma Delimited Text File (*.csv), set File name to <user name>, change the save file path to the backup folder that you created previously and click Save
13. Navigate to the backup folder and open the CSV file.
14. Add a row on top of the spreadsheet. On the B1 cell, type “Address Type”
15. Apply a filter on B column of this spreadsheet by removing the EX values. This will only leave out the SMTP addresses. 

16. Go to the F column of the spreadsheet and select and copy all values
Note: this column contains all email values of the auto-complete cache file. If you need to remove some of the values from this list before uploading them to user’s mailbox, here is the place to do it.
17. Go to Office 365 OWA and ask user to login to their account.
18. Click on new email
19. In the To box, paste all values that you copied from the F column of the spreadsheet.
20. Zoom out on the internet browser so you can see the whole message. 

21. Wait for a bit till all email addresses are detected in the To box.
22. Click Discard. 

23. On the discard message pop-up click discard. 


  1. Thank you, this worked great.

  2. Ken Martin Kvandal3 February 2015 at 11:43

    Do you know of a way to remove the recently used addresses? I have a couple of users with mistyped ones.

    1. Ken Martin Kvandal20 March 2015 at 13:19

      I have just discovered that hovering over the erroneous addresses one at a time and pressing "delete" works...

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