Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Configure Lync federation with external domains in Office 365

You can control Lync Online access to these people outside your organization:

  • Lync users in other companies    The other company must also set up federation with your domain.
  • Skype public IM service users    Signed in with their Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID)

Configure federation with external domains

Login to Office 365 portal using your admin credentials.
Navigate to "Lync Admin Center" by selecting Lync under Admin drop-down

Click Organization > External communications.

Under External access, choose an option that controls your access to other organizations using Lync:
  • Off completely
  • On except for blocked domains
  • On only for allowed domains
Under Blocked or allowed domains, you can Add Add, Edit Edit, Remove Delete, or Search Search the list of domains as appropriate.
Keep in mind:
  • The organization you’re federating with must also allow federation with your domain.
  • When you’re communicating with someone in a federated domain, you can only use Lync features (for example, video conversations or desktop sharing) that are turned on in both organizations.

Configure public IM connectivity

  1. Click Organization > External communications.
  2. Select the check box under Public IM connectivity, and then click Save.
 Important    Full support for communication between Lync and Skype will be available by June.
Available with Skype users today Available with Skype users by June 2013      Not available with Skype users
  • Presence
  • Person-to-person instant messaging
  • Person-to-person audio calls
  • Find and add Lync contacts in Skype
  • Video conversations
  • Multi-party IM conversations
  • Audio and video conversations with three or more people
  • Desktop and program sharing