Thursday, 5 January 2012

Manually Configure Lync App on iPad and iPhone to Connect to Lync Online on Office 365

When you setup Lync Online as one of your domain services in Office 365, you need to create few DNS records in your domain's public DNS to configure your domain to use Microsoft Lync Online for instant messaging.
Your DNS records will look like these below (replace "yourdomain" with the domain name you have enabled Lync Online on it)

TypeHost namePoints to addressTTL Hour Hour

These records are used by Lync client (desktop and mobile apps) to determine server information for connecting to Lync Online on your Office 365 account.
If for any reason you are not able to create these records in your public DNS, you need to manually configure Lync clients to connect to Lync Online.

To configure Lync 2010 desktop client follow the instructions here

To configure Lync 2010 iPad app go through following steps:

In your iPad navigate to Lync app. enter your email address as Sign-in Address, enter your password and expand More Details.

Enter your email address as User Name.
Turn off the Auto-Detect Server and enter following address in place of Internal Discovery Address and External Discovery Address:
Click on Sign In button.
On the Welcome page click Next.
In the next page enter your mobile number and click Next.
On the next page click Done and you are all set.


  1. I am cannot connect using my iPhone to

  2. If you have Communicator Web Access, try Intelli IM app for iOS

    It has push notifications to iPad and iPhone.

  3. Amin - Thank you so much! these are the only settings that worked for my Ipad I. I'm passing this over to my users.

    John .

  4. i tried the second approach you suggested but i get an error 'cant verify your support team'

  5. it works. Thank you very much. Venkatesh

  6. Thanks. It works for me. Lync 2013 on Iphone.